青山学院大学 国際センター


所長・副所長挨拶 / Directors

KOMATSU Yasuhiko, Director of International Center
Professor, College of Literature

 Welcome to Aoyama Gakuin University International Centre (AGUIC)!
 AGUIC plays an invaluable role in supporting international students who hope to study at AGU and AGU students who wish to study abroad. We live in very challenging times. People are suffering from wars, poverty, and persecution. Our daily life is affected by natural disasters, the result of environmental destruction. Those issues cannot be solved by one country alone. It is crucial to understand different cultures at this critical time in order to achieve global international cooperation. Located in the heart of Shibuya, where diverse cultures thrive, AGU offers a unique, in-depth experience of multiculturalism. AGU is also a gateway to international opportunities, as it has cultivated strong partnerships with universities across the world since it was established.
 Taking advantage of a privileged location and vast network, AGU provides you with the best environment to explore Japanese culture in a global context. As a professor of Japanese literature, I found AGU an inspiring academic institution that creates opportunities to experience the latest cultural trends in Japan at first hand, and understand Japanese culture in depth through an interdisciplinary approach. I hope that the experience at AGU helps both international students and AGU students acquire a deeper understanding of Japanese culture, and equip themselves with knowledge and open-mindedness.
 We believe that international and AGU students will overcome difficult problems through cooperation and build a better world. We hope to help you become one of them.


MERKLEJN Iwona, Associate Director of International Center
Professor, School of Cultural and Creative Studies


Dear Students,
Welcome to Aoyama Gakuin University. New discoveries and new encounters await you at the Aoyama Campus, just 10 minutes’ walk from Shibuya. While you walk around this neighborhood, you can learn contemporary Japanese culture in a broad sense, from art to music, from design to fashion, from popular culture to sports. I wish you a fruitful time in the international atmosphere of our campus.

MIZUYAMA Hajime, Associate Director of International Center
Professor, College of Science and Engineering


International exchange experiences in your university life, such as studying abroad, short-term overseas training, and others, have enormous potential. The experiences may completely change the way the world looks to you. They can also lead you to discover new interests, and, by pursuing them, you will expand the opportunities for the future. If you feel interested in such experiences even a bit, please come and visit the International Center. You will surely find a suitable first step to the world. I hope that many students will have meaningful and enjoyable international exchange experiences. It is the role of the International Center to support them. I would like to do my best for that.